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What is a cause?

A cause can be a startup or a social initiative.
You can register your small startup business, or any social initiative you're active in. So it can be your startup T-shirt design business, or startup cocktail shaking adventure; as well as your school, music band, community project, action group, etc.

How it works

Home is a free service which allows our members to raise funds for their favorite start up or cause whenever they search with Google.
Home You earn 0.5 points per search. Reaching 500 points, you can transfer them to the cause you choose. Alternatively you can opt for a personal payout.
Home Your cause receives 50 € when their total reaches 5000 points.
Home In exchange, the start up or cause can offer you one of their products, as you will find in the cause's description.
Get or give funds, all for free!

What is a cause

19 230 €¢ 20955
causes registered. supporters registered. donated.
"Raising funds for your idea is now easy and fun!"
"Great to get a return on my daily Google searches."
"I use it at home, at work and on my mobile. And I love it!"
What the search looks like Raise funds for your startup business
what the search looks like

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Latest donations

Anaiszgz donated 500 pts to Soseen.Org on 2018-01-18
Anaiszgz donated 500 pts to Soseen.Org on 2017-12-01
Tisikke donated 500 pts to Soseen.Org on 2017-11-13
VaBene donated 500 pts to GoodBeer on 2017-06-02
BenBiek donated 500 pts to GoodBeer on 2017-04-18
GroenEnJong donated 500 pts to Soseen.Org on 2017-04-10
BuurtfeestBXL donated 500 pts to AnimalFriends on 2017-03-20

Latest payouts

Doni Cablanca received €¢ 300 on 2017-11-28
jobie received €¢ 300 on 2017-10-08
Belizeman received €¢ 300 on 2017-04-11
Ikkeman received €¢ 300 on 2017-04-06
StevieWonder received €¢ 300 on 2017-03-27
Boelke received €¢ 300 on 2017-02-26
MarieL received €¢ 300 on 2016-04-10
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